About Adams Technology Solutions

Our Origins

Adams Technology Solutions was founded by a lone engineer who saw too many friends receiving services with which they were unhappy. We have been operating for the past 7 years as a loosely-connected group of engineers with the idea that customers should receive the services they pay for.

Our Values

  • Those we care about, as well as those we don't know, should receive the services for which they pay.
  • Being charged to have an engineer tell you that your dream is not feasible is unheard of.
  • We are a group of engineers who believe in quality service for a fair price, maintain normal, 9-5 jobs, and understand the small business owner.

Amazing Goals

We aim to provide exceptional service, with a fair price. We price all of services with finality. We understand that not all ideas are completely planned when they're put into motion. We are happy to assist entrepreneurs in their dreams, and willing to work with them in compensation. Ideas that are profound are beautiful, and are what we aim to accomplish ourselves.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe in the small business owner.
  • We believe in paying for what you get.
  • We believe in getting what you pay for.
  • We believe in wild ideas.